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Neuromuscular Therapy is a program that combines trigger point therapy with soft tissue release offering relief to ischemic tissue, compressed/entrapped nerves, postural distortion, and biomechanical dysfunction. This therapy offers relief from pain, and the knowledge of why our bodies hurt.

learn HOW:

• a few tight muscles one day can become pain the next.
• old injuries – even from years ago – challenge your body now.
• subtle movement restrictions can damage your muscles, bones & joints.
• neuromuscular therapy goes beyond symptoms to identify WHY you hurt where you hurt.
• neuromuscular therapy can help your posture.
• trigger point referral patterns, poor circulation, and nerve compression or entrapment may contribute to your pain problem –   and how neuromuscular therapy can help.

'Living life feeling good is normal; surviving day to day in pain is not.'

My goal is to assist people in their journeys to the best of my ability. We work together to release tired, stressed muscles. Life is a team effort and this is what happens in a therapy session. WE work together to facilitate YOUR healing. Your comfort, safety, and healing is what is most important to me.

$10 OFF 1st visit (one hour or more)


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